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If you're ready to take the next step in playing in the most prestigious tournaments around the world but cannot afford the buy-in, the WSOP Satellite Strategy is right for you.  A group of Poker Pro's and satellite grinders have come together to create an easy to follow system that any level of player can use to crush any satellites.  Our overall goal is for you to win you HUGE buy-in seat to any tournament of your choice  valued at $10,000 or more!  

That's right!   Imagine being able to win seats to huge tournaments like the WSOP tournament ticket pictured below. Imagine the possibility of winning these seats. You could easily sell them and make tons of cash or you could play the tournament and possibly win millions of dollars. my team is dedicated a lifetime to creating the 'WSOP Satellite Strategy' to show you the exact best ways of winning huge buy-in tickets through playing inexpensive satellites.





2010 Main Event Ticket Pictured Below:

Here's Why Our WSOP Satellite Strategy Works:

It's Easy To Follow For Any Level of Poker Player

It shows you the cheapest and easiest way to grind your way up satellites to win a WSOP seat or other main event ticket FAST.

The strategy was created by online and live poker pro's who know what they are doing.

We show you multiple strategies that work effectively to help you win a big buy-in ticket to the world series of poker, world poker tour, and many other large events!

The strategy teaches you how to be an all-around better and more profitable online and live poker player.







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The Chris Moneymaker Story - Our Inspiration For Creating This Course

Chris Moneymaker has been widely recognized for his Cinderella story of a poker career. Although many players still scrutinize Moneymaker's poker skill, he has proven himself over and over by going deep in big tournaments year in and year out. There is no doubt that he will continue to enjoy his poker career even though many players may not respect him as much as he wishes.

The name "Moneymaker" is incredibly interesting as well, especially when you have recently joined the ranks of the most skilled poker players in the world. This article is going to take a look at Chris Moneymaker's personal life, his poker career, and the fascinating story of going from an online satellite qualifier to $2,500,000 WSOP champion.

You can win a seat to the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, and other large buy-in events by following the strategy in our WSOP Satellite Strategy course!



Moneymaker's Amazing WSOP Satellite Story

Chris Moneymaker is best known for his title at the WSOP Main Event in 2003 for a $2,500,000 score. Not only is the $2.5 million figure staggering, but what is even more unbelievable is the fact that Moneymaker actually qualified for the tournament online for just a $39 buy-in!  This buy-in was turned into $2,500,000 cash!

The $39 satellite was an 18-man SNG which provided the winner with entry to another, 60-man satellite tournament. Moneymaker won the $39 sit and go, and then won again in the next sixty-man qualifier, which sent him to the Las Vegas for the WSOP Main Event.

Once the time for the Main Event came around, Moneymaker found himself in one of the most nerve-wrecking tournaments in the world. He was surrounded by the world's greatest players and professionals, and often made mistakes with blinds and position as he wasn't very experienced with tournament poker. However, with a little luck, and a few timely hands, Moneymaker made it all the way to the final table, where he crushed the competition with his huge chip stack and took home the $2.5 million first place prize and WSOP bracelet.

Moneymaker instantly became a celebrity after the Main Event, as his story of turning $39 in $2,500,000 was heard around the globe. He now continues to adapt his life to the fame and fortune which the big win has provided.

Moneymaker has yet to capture another bracelet at the World Series of Poker, but has cashed in four other events and reached the final table at a World Poker Tour event along with two other WPT cashes. His earnings have now surpassed $3,000,000 (including the Main Event win).


This was all won thanks to satellite tournaments! You can achieve similar results, all you need to have is the drive to succeed and to know the strategy and secrets in!

We understand the desire to play and win in large buy-in events, which is why we have developed this strategy that is easy to follow for any skill level!


We've held nothing back to ensure you get the best information out there to help you excel in any satellite tournament.

Whether or not poker is a hobby to you or a game you take very serious in hopes of one day becoming a pro the information inside the 'WSOP Satellite Strategy' package will help you to significantly improve your online poker game and take your satellite winnings to the next level.  Your profits will dramatically sky rocket by following the new concepts, theories, strategies, and system you will learn inside the course.




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The Best Part of The WSOP Satellite Strategy Is..

It Doesn't Matter What Level Player You Are- It doesn't matter if you started to play poker two months ago or you've been playing for 10 years - this system is designed for players of all skill level to improve their game using our strategies, concepts, and theories.

You Don't Need To Have a HUGE Bankroll - Many of our players started with extremely small bankrolls and were able to build their fortune in a short period of time using the strategies, concepts, and theories taught in this course.

You Don't Need A Lot Of Time! - You can still work your 9-5 job, have a great social life, and make big money playing these low buy-in satellite tournaments.

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This is not a "get rich quick scheme" this is a sure fire way to beat any satellite tournament online.  All you have to do is learn the concepts of the system I am teaching and get your SHARE of the pie - it's that EASY!

Here's What You'll Learn Inside WSOP Satellite Strategy:

How To Win a World Series of Poker Seat

Winning a WSOP Dream Buy-In + Travel Expenses - One Step at A Time

What is a Step Tournament?

Climbing the Levels To Reach The Top

The Key to Winning These Step Tournaments is To Stay Alive

Step-By-Step How To Move Up The Stakes Without BANKRUPTING Yourself

Types of Steps Tournaments

Step Strategy To Help You Win A WSOP or Major Buy-In Seat

The Early, Middle, and Late Stage Strategies

Sit-N-Go Steps Strategy - How Opponents Treat The Bubble

“Winner Takes All” Satellites

and MUCH MUCH more


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